Support charities.

ringcharitones for your mobile.


Charities present their dedication to
you transparently and i
nspire artists
to create a Charitone.

You support the charities at your convenience.
Every donation goes 100% to the charities.
THE RINGS does not have access.

Artists compose exclusive Charitones. These come to your cell phone as a present and cannot be purchased.

THE RINGS wants to give you the opportunity to do something good with an everyday thing.
Your cell phone (ring) becomes an audible symbol for the good with a Charitone.

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Ringtones and dedication?- Yes! 

The Charitones are like an audible "red AIDS ribbon" and were a result of the consideration to make a small, doable and intelligent change possible for everybody: a ringing sign and symbol for dedication!
THE RINGS brings charities and artists together to make a change. The power of sympathy and the love for music unit. Pure energy develops - and becomes audible by a Charitone…

For the charities the Charitones are an acoustic sign for solidarity and concrete devotion. The artists use their ability meaningful and also get emoluments. You receive a Charitone for your special social statement for “your” charity.

The charities are themselves owners of the donation-accounts. Therefore your support goes directly and to 100% (minus fees for payment service providers) to the charities.

THE RINGS informs and is just a mediator between you, the charities and the artists.


THE RINGS is a “social business” and our top priority is “transparency”: the costs (circa 1,- € per download) are covered by sponsors and charities. We think that the dedication of the charities is more important than the fiscal classification. Therefore we support charities without official charitable status

There will be no donation certification.

Wanted:„Kick-ass (R)evolutionaries"


You are fired up for your good cause? You go unconventional ways to accomplish it and have a lot of fun at your dedication besides your good moral? We are looking for charities from all areas that surprise, move and inspire us; ones we want to support directly.


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Hey rocker, DJ, jazzer, folklore musician or sound designer: We need your soul, heart and talent - to use it meaningful. We promise: it feels great when the power of music combines with sympathy and something good arises by a Charitone


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